It's time for a little

Hey. It’s Catie from loudcow.


For ten years my freelance friends & I have been non-stop helping small businesses find their feet online. Whipping up WordPress websites, hosting, managing content, training, consulting, SEO copywriting & more.


It’s been a hard slog. But we’re in a good paddock now.


Being busy means we’ve had no time to look in the mirror. It’s time for a little self-lovin’ and sprucing of the loudcow branding (look up and see our new logo – eeeee).


We’ll be back online with our service offerings and shiny new site soon. We promise you it won’t be full of bullsh#t.


If you’re here because you’ve heard about loudcow and wanted to see our wares and what we could do for you – we’re sorry. Our capped client quota is full. 


You are still welcome to email me directly:


Bestest – Catie