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Let me tell you a little about James Evangelidis – Business consultant, author, trainer, mentor, blogger and public speaker. And oh – did I mention he’s one of the most connected people on LinkedIn? A pretty incredible fellow with loads of knowledge on what clients are really wanting from their business consultants. Of note is his expertise in the areas of Financial Planning and Accounting. I’ve been privileged enough to have a sneak peek into a couple of his publications. After spending hundreds of hours interviewing CEO-level types in major organisations he’s cracked a few juicy secrets. Business advice that makes for super-interesting reading. We built a simple, clean, functional site to help James share all his knowledge. A great project working with a passionate individual – this man has a whole lot of energy! Having dealt with James directly I can vouch for his professionalism and extensive level of knowledge. Need a business consultant with valuable advice you can act on or a public speaker who won’t bore the audience? James is definitely your man.