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I Heart Scratch is a website dedicated to making healthy, wholesome food from scratch.  Cath Noonan is incredibly passionate about food and cooking from scratch!  Her food philosophy is that life is simply too short to eat bad food and we totally agree.  The perfect solution for Cath: a blog with Ecommerce!  Cath needed a website that not only allowed her to blog about her delicious recipes and post beautiful images of her heavenly creations, but also an E-commerce solution from which to sell inspiring recipe books.  As a new mum, with a flourishing business and frequent creation of new healthy recipes, Cath needed a platform that was easy to use, yet provided beautiful results. We created a gorgeous looking site for Cath that not only looks good, but has all the functionality she needs and makes content management easy.  The site was built using a premium theme by Theme Developer Kriesi – Enfold.