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I get the best website projects! Even with the memories of sleepless nights this one made me super-clucky!

Introducing an incredibly gifted Adelaide Midwife – Kate Bergamasco. Kate is an Eligible Midwife based in Adelaide. It has been her dream for some time now to start her own private midwifery business with the mission to provide women and families with antenatal, postnatal and breastfeeding support and care. Having had two little cherubs myself I know just how valuable her type of midwifery services are. Thankfully the Australian government are of the same opinion and now allow midwives like Kate to practise the art of midwifery and offer services with medicare refunds for women. As crazy as it seems, this ruling was only made two years ago. It’s been a long journey for Australian Midwives to get to this point.

So if you’re lucky enough to be in Adelaide and you’re in the motherly way make sure you contact Kate. You can view information about her services here – Adelaide Private Midwives. Already she’s been busy blogging awesome antenatal and postnatal advice to help mothers and fathers enjoy their new roles as parents. Good luck Kate – may there be many more midwives providing the same amazing midwifery service as you.