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Recruitment Website for Denovo Sales Recruitment.

Denovo Sales Recruitment is a sales recruiter in Sydney determined to rethink recruitment in Australia.

They needed a clean, easy to navigate site for both employers and job seekers. This was the result – a professional-looking website that was different to other sales recruitment sites in Australia.

Great logo Design by Guy Hamiliton. Thanks Guy! Your stunning logo was the springboard for the rest of the site’s look and feel.

SEO Skeleton copy and site build by Loud Cow:) Additional web content copy provided by Denovo through Darren Jaye – thanks Darren!

All in all, a nice, collaborative effort that brought this website to life. From an SEO perspective, early signs are promising with the site already in the top 50 of and for Sydney Sales Recruitment, Sales Recruiters in Sydney and Sales Recruitment Sydney. PLUS it’s powering along in Bing and Yahoo – in the top 20 already!  This is despite minimal content so far.