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Introducing super-fit functional fitness expert Matt Waterton – owner of Sydney’s personal training company, Strength in Motion. I love it when I get to learn about new stuff on the job. For this site I learnt all about a new concept in fitness called functional fitness.  It’s a new scientific approach to strength training using corrective exercise training strategies.

The aim is to enhance clients’ physical performance by highlighting and correcting weak links throughout the body whilst simultaneously addressing personal fitness goals.

Matt’s highly specialised functional fitness trainers are based in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Strength training and functional fitness is their focus. When following their training methods your body will be conditioned to move, feel and function better, thus enhancing your fitness results and performance. Strength in Motion’s goal is to educate clients in how to become strong, flexible and efficient machines.

I have to say I felt very guilty sitting on my ahhhhhh completing this site for these amazing Sydney personal trainers. I felt like I should do a 5km run after every page was complete.